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Samotlorneftegaz is one of the largest extracting enterprises of Rosneft, which is developing the central and south-western part of the Samotlor oil and gas field, one of the largest fields in Russia.

The main activities of the enterprise include oil and gas field exploration and development; drilling of parametric, prospecting, exploration and production wells; extraction, transportation, preparation, processing and marketing of hydrocarbons; oil and gas field infrastructure development.

The area of the license block of Samotlor, developed by Samotlorneftegaz is 1,751 sq. meters. At the field there are about 8,300 production wells and more than 2,700 injection wells, with the latest high-tech equipment. The length of the oil pipelines – 1,140 km, water pipelines – 1,223 km, other pipelines – 2,833 km. An extensive network of roads with solid surface reaching to a total length of 2,077 km is laid along the entire oil field.

In the course of field development in total there have been drilled 18,000 wells, and produced more than 2,576 billion tons of oil.


Since 2005 Samotlorneftegaz has certificate of conformity of the organization of labor protection work, and in 2011 it was certified for compliance with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 international standards.


In 1996 crude oil production amounted to 16.74 million tons. In the XXI century due to modern oil well stimulation methods, crude oil production doubled.

Samotlorneftegaz was established in March 1999 as a result of the reorganization of the joint-stock company "Nizhnevartovskneftegaz".


In 1981 the billionth ton of oil was extracted at Samotlor. Peak oil rate (about 150 million tons per annum) was in 1980s. As a result of heavy production these years, oil-bearing formations began to water, and crude oil production decreased. 


The field was discovered in 1965, and commercial development started in 1969.

Commercial oil and gas content was identified in 18 producing reservoirs associated with Jurassic and Cretaceous systems occurring at a depth of 1,600-2,500 meters. The initial production rate is 47-200 tons per day.